Thank you Stewpot Ministry! Cold, hungry, lonely, scared and tired; I finally swallowed my pride and asked for help. After sleeping in my car for two nights, I was given a number to call for Matt’s House. The staff member at Matt’s House told me to show up after 4:00 p.m. and I would be processed and given a bed for the next 2
weeks. Finally I thought to myself, a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in, food to eat, and people who were experiencing similar situations. I wanted nothing more than to not be ashamed of where I was at this point in my life. Circumstances may have landed me in this position, but it was the consequences for bad choices I made.
God allowed me to make my own choices but it so very true that you reap what you sew! He also blessed me, and I’ve grown from the blessings. Paths do not cross by mistake! The staff and volunteers of Stewpot Ministry have given me direction and guidance. God never closes one door without opening another.

Last December the door to Matt’s House closed for me, but immediately the door to Sims House opened. I started the new year there. It seemed as though everything was happening for me so fast once I decided to make better choices for my life. I was blessed to find a part time job which met my immediate needs. The staff and directors of Sims House showed compassion, guidance, and direction allowing me to gain knowledge and growth. I cannot lie. Sometimes my pride makes me have a hard time asking for help and receiving it but I was slowly turning into a better me, a better Donna.

Sims House allowed me to be giver, as well, and not just a taker. I was blessed with a way to give back what I was so freely blessed with. So often we do not see cooking, cleaning, daily chores, and volunteering in other areas as a blessing, but I do! It’s a way I can give back. I’ve met so many wonderful people, staff, and volunteers through the Stewpot Ministry. I can’t even begin to express how I feel about the love that was shown to me during my stay. I left Sims House and moved on and I am thankful that I have gained my independence back. God humbled me to know that I
can’t make it in this world alone so I have reached out to my former pastor for help. I told him where I was and what I had been experiencing and another blessing came my way in the form of job training and a lead on housing.

As I begin a journey through these new doors God is opening, I find have a heart for this type of work. We need to remember that disasters do not always have to be hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires. They come in many different forms; large, small and some personal. Some choose to sulk in “self pity”, but I choose to look at the positive side; the blessings, path’s crossed, and lessons learned. I was once told “path’s cross for a reason, sometimes only for a season, and sometimes for a
lifetime.” I have a new family within Stewpot Ministry and memories for a lifetime. For the love that pours out from staff and friends; I will always be grateful.
I love you all,

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