By: Regina Nichols

At age 21, Britany  along with her two young boys transitioned from Matts House to Flowers House this past May. When she arrived she was not receiving any child care benefits, food stamps and Medicaid. She was starting from rock bottom. But it was clear that she did not intend on staying at the shelter any longer than she had to.

Now that she had a roof over her head and a safe place for her boys to live, she was ready to get to get busy doing what was needed to get her own place.  In less than two weeks she was able to get appointments at Midtown DHS, Winn Job Center, Karita’s Daycare, MS Medicaid Division, the James Ivory Clinic and Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Center.  The success from these appointments brought about child care for her two sons, job referrals (McDonald’s UMC), TANF approval and Medicaid for both of her sons.

Britany was hired at McDonald’s in UMC in July. She was able to set a schedule that allowed her off on weekends so that extra child care was not needed. Once her employment got started, she applied for TANF transitional child care and was approved, because of the increase in her income. Her sons were able to be picked up and dropped off, to and from the shelter, by Kids Express Daycare.  She opened up a savings account at Regions Bank and started saving for permanent housing. She was recently approved for housing at West-wick Apartments in Jackson and received an affordable deposit and rental fee.

The staff at Flowers Shelter are impressed with her determination and are proud of her for accomplishing her goals. Congratulations to Britany for all of her efforts in being a successful client from Flowers Transitional Shelter for Woman and Children.

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