By: Stewpot Staff

One of the greatest additions to Don London’s volunteers at Stewpot was Cowboy. His real name was Carl Ray Dingle, but I may be the only one that knows that because everyone else called him Cowboy. As you look at his picture you’ll see why he was called Cowboy. What you do not see is his alligator-skin cowboy boots.

Cowboy, 62, had been at Stewpot about a year. He was born in Pontiac, Michigan and came to Mississippi with his mother, a nurse, 40-years-ago. Unfortunately, she passed away about 15-years-ago and Cowboy was by himself. He had a heart murmur, a nervous condition and high blood pressure, so he received Social Security disability. However, Cowboy worked so hard for Stewpot, we frequently had to tell him to slow down.

To meet Cowboy and see him hard at work, you would have no idea that he was disabled, but he was. He came to Stewpot because his Hinds Behavioral Health counselor suggested that both Stewpot and he would benefit from such an association. From Stewpot’s perspective, we certainly have. As far as Cowboy’s perspective, he said that he loved Stewpot because everyone around Stewpot is so friendly and he learned more about God here. The truth is that
it is Cowboy, who is so friendly and helpful, that I to learn more about God from him.

So, why do we consider Cowboy’s story a success? Because one of the most important things we do at Stewpot is provide a place for people to live out their calling to serve. Cowboy needed our help, so we did that. We provided him housing, food and clothes. He also had a need to serve and we provided that too.

Cowboy passed way a few months ago from a heart attack. He was not alone when he died. He was surrounded by his friends. His smile, and jovial “hello”, is still very missed around here.

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