By: Linda Parker

This past March, Laquita and her three children came to Flowers House Shelter. At 33, she had found herself
unemployed and homeless. The small unemployment check of just $180 a week was not enough to keep her children clothed and feed, the utilities on and a roof over their heads. She had been able to hold onto their only source of transportation, but reluctantly had to bring her family to the shelter to survive.

Laquita was not interested in staying at the shelter long. She made finding a job, her only job. Every week she was filling out applications, going to interviews and attending job fairs. She bknew she had some great skills and could be an asset to some company. Finding the right one took time, though. She couldn’t settle for a minimum wage or part time job. After all, she has three beautiful children to raise. No, Laqutia knew she had to be determined and find the job that was going to help her make life better for herself and her children.

Six months later, her hard work finally paid off. She was hired to a fulltime position with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department as a RDC Detention Officer and began working this past September. She has since been able to move out of the shelter into her own place and has begun the work of setting up house and bringing a sense of normalcy back to her family. We are so proud of the success she has had and glad we were able to help her in her darkest hour.

Congratulations Laquita!

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