By: Jackie Jones

In February 2014, Matt’s House took in 13 new clients. One of them far exceeded our expectations. A 55 years old female named Marilyn, came to Matt’s House with a desire to succeed. After successfully battling her alcohol and drug demons, she came to Matt’s House as a homeless person because her children and siblings had given up on her. When Marilyn entered Matt’s House, she had nothing and was in need of clothes, shoes, and personal items. She was experienced as a cook and prepared great meals for the clients and staff at Matt’s House. She also completed her assigned chores and assisted others with theirs. Within 54 days, which is more than a normal period of stay at Matt’s House, Marilyn was connected with the necessary vocational resources and began to make positive changes in her life.

As her stay progressed, Marilyn realized she was definitely in the right place at the right time. She started out as a volunteer in the clothing closet and loved it. She also enjoyed the wonderful meals prepared by Stewpot cooks. Marilyn also attended AA meetings and counseling sessions provided to her. Going in the right direction, she knew it was time to seek employment. Marilyn applied for numerous jobs and many positions but had no responses. She decided to use a temp staff agency to help find employment. The same day that she went for assistance, the agency called to inform her that they had work available.

Marilyn prepared her mind and body to go after this job opportunity, and she got the job! Within a couple of weeks of employment, at a major retail store in the city, she received her first paycheck! Marilyn began to rebuild her relationship with her children and family. Her brother even offered her transportation to work because he believed in her again.

Marilyn subsequently found permanent housing and has expressed to us that her “Matt’s House education” made a lasting impression on her. She is now saving money in her newly-opened savings account.

“I am fortunate to work at Matt’s House, as the director, and it is my desire to assist every client, who enters our doors, to be a success if they are willing to do the work like Marilyn.” Jackie Jones, Director

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