Tamika and her ten year old son, Deonte’, were referred to Flower’s Shelter from an emergency shelter in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Tamika left Virginia fleeing an abusive relationship. While completing her intake we learned she is a United States Army Veteran. We referred her to the Veterans Administration where she underwent a series of tests to determine her strengths. Tamika was determined to be successful and do whatever she needed to do for her and her son to get back on their feet. Flower’s Shelter provided a safe and healthy environment for Tamika and Deonte’.

Tamika is one of many individuals who suffer from mental health issues after leaving the military. After the VA’s assessment, Tamika was diagnosed with anger issues. The VA set up anger management sessions to teach her how to control her anger, as well as, positive ways to communicate her feelings. Tamika worked hard to make sure she and her son had all of the benefits they needed to become self-sufficient again. She went to the Department of Human Services to apply for health benefits and food stamps. She also went to pupil placement at the Jackson Public School office to get Deonte’ enrolled for the upcoming school year.

Flower’s Shelter assisted Tamika with making a plan of action for working towards her immediate goals of transitioning to a new state. Tamika also agreed to follow the guidance provided to her from the staff. Clearly she was ready for change.

Tamika is not like most clients who have suffered domestic violence. She knew there was a better life out there for and her son. Her drive and positive thinking helped her to accomplish the goals she set once she arrived at Flower’s Shelter. Stewpot is well known for being a beacon of hope to those in need. That’s exactly what we were for Tamika and Deonte’. We’re all proud of the accomplishments she made while staying at Flowers’ Shelter for Women with Children.

You’ll be happy to know that Tamika and Deonte’ now live in their own home (thanks to the Veterans Homeless housing Voucher program) and Tamika is employed at the VA in the Housekeeping Department.

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