By Stewpot Staff

Matt’s House is ecstatic about the success of one of our former clients, Vivian. At the age of 68, Vivian came to Mississippi from Missouri after losing her husband and family in a fatal accident, and then losing her home to fire. Upon arriving Mississippi, she found herself sleeping on the steps of Stewpot. A staff person noticed her sleeping there and called Matt’s House to get her placed. When she got to Matts House, Vivian immediately showed gratitude, and sincere thankfulness. Despite the loss of family, or health issues, she never stopped trying. She always had a smile on her face and showed determination in getting her own place.

Eventually, Vivian had to travel back by bus to Missouri to get her identification and other documents essential to obtaining the things that she would soon need to relocate to Mississippi. Vivian held onto her hopes in starting her new life. With the assistance and help of staff, in less than two months, she had acquired stable housing, furniture and all the linens she needed!

Today, Vivian is still a part of the Stewpot family. She’s one of those smiling faces who often appear with hopes of helping someone else. She is happy and doing well in her new home. We’re very proud of her and pray that she stays in touch and continues to strive for success!!

Great job and congratulations, Vivian!!!!

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