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    The 12 Days of Stewpot – Stewpot Kids Miracle, Ashley & Justin

The 12 Days of Stewpot – Stewpot Kids Miracle, Ashley & Justin

By: Yolanda Kirkland

The hustle and bustle going on around Stewpot during the holidays is exciting. We can get lost in the mist of it all, but in this business you’re always reminded of why you love what you do. As this year ends, I’ve been reflecting on all the achievements the children in our After-school Program have been able to accomplish. The children we serve come from very poor and sometimes homeless families. They have very little going for them and to be honest, just finishing school would be a great feat. But when you look at the children who have come through our program, you can’t help but notice that our children are achieving way more than just graduating.

This year alone, we have children who have been a part of the program since they were just 3 years old and are now preparing to graduate from high school, many with honors. Others are continuing their college courses, while some prepare to graduate from college.

Two young ladies who we’ve watched grow up over the years are reaching great milestones this year. Miracle Vance is graduating from Provine High School this year and Ashley Taylor is graduating from Alcorn State in 2015. Both are preparing for new challenges in life. We’re so excited for them and are happy they’ve been in the Stewpot family so long that we see these great accomplishments.

We also have a young man, Justin Bell, who has been in our program since he was in kindergarten. He has always shown a great interest in acting and this year he’s playing a lost boy in New Stage Theatre’s production of  “Peter Pan”. Justin is in the 9th grade at Murrah High School.

It’s [...]

Ther 12 Days of Stewpot – Robert & Debra

By: Christie Burnett

One of the best things that can happen to us in this kind of ministry is when a client moves out of homelessness and into a life of their own­ working for themselves, supporting themselves, content with the lives they are able to lead. We have had two such people at the Opportunity Center­ and although their lives ended this year­ this gives me a moment to pause and remember them for their smiles, their lives & the mark that they left on my life because I knew them. They made the step that is so hard for most of our clients to do.  They got off the streets, got jobs, and were happy when they passed from this life.

Robert Roberts was a quiet man. He usually kept to himself. He never stayed in a shelter; he liked to camp out; and could usually be found in the company of his best friend Tony. He had a great heart an even bigger smile. He looked high and low for a job and things just never seemed to go his way, but he never ever gave up. One say he came into my office & said, “Christie, I think I may have a job!” and that’s where it began. He was hired by some of the guys he had met from the Jackson Street Ministry in a tree cutting service. He applied for food stamps, got them­ saved up his money until the day that he called and proudly told me he wasn’t having to sleep outside anymore. We were SO happy­ he had done it! He kept working and stayed in touch until we got the word about 2 months ago that [...]

The 12 Days of Stewpot – Cowboy

By: Stewpot Staff

One of the greatest additions to Don London’s volunteers at Stewpot was Cowboy. His real name was Carl Ray Dingle, but I may be the only one that knows that because everyone else called him Cowboy. As you look at his picture you’ll see why he was called Cowboy. What you do not see is his alligator-skin cowboy boots.

Cowboy, 62, had been at Stewpot about a year. He was born in Pontiac, Michigan and came to Mississippi with his mother, a nurse, 40-years-ago. Unfortunately, she passed away about 15-years-ago and Cowboy was by himself. He had a heart murmur, a nervous condition and high blood pressure, so he received Social Security disability. However, Cowboy worked so hard for Stewpot, we frequently had to tell him to slow down.

To meet Cowboy and see him hard at work, you would have no idea that he was disabled, but he was. He came to Stewpot because his Hinds Behavioral Health counselor suggested that both Stewpot and he would benefit from such an association. From Stewpot’s perspective, we certainly have. As far as Cowboy’s perspective, he said that he loved Stewpot because everyone around Stewpot is so friendly and he learned more about God here. The truth is that
it is Cowboy, who is so friendly and helpful, that I to learn more about God from him.

So, why do we consider Cowboy’s story a success? Because one of the most important things we do at Stewpot is provide a place for people to live out their calling to serve. Cowboy needed our help, so we did that. We provided him housing, food and clothes. He also had a need to serve and we provided that too.

Cowboy passed way a few months ago [...]

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The 12 Days of Stewpot – Britany

By: Regina Nichols

At age 21, Britany  along with her two young boys transitioned from Matts House to Flowers House this past May. When she arrived she was not receiving any child care benefits, food stamps and Medicaid. She was starting from rock bottom. But it was clear that she did not intend on staying at the shelter any longer than she had to.

Now that she had a roof over her head and a safe place for her boys to live, she was ready to get to get busy doing what was needed to get her own place.  In less than two weeks she was able to get appointments at Midtown DHS, Winn Job Center, Karita’s Daycare, MS Medicaid Division, the James Ivory Clinic and Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Center.  The success from these appointments brought about child care for her two sons, job referrals (McDonald’s UMC), TANF approval and Medicaid for both of her sons.

Britany was hired at McDonald’s in UMC in July. She was able to set a schedule that allowed her off on weekends so that extra child care was not needed. Once her employment got started, she applied for TANF transitional child care and was approved, because of the increase in her income. Her sons were able to be picked up and dropped off, to and from the shelter, by Kids Express Daycare.  She opened up a savings account at Regions Bank and started saving for permanent housing. She was recently approved for housing at West-wick Apartments in Jackson and received an affordable deposit and rental fee.

The staff at Flowers Shelter are impressed with her determination and are proud of her for accomplishing her goals. Congratulations to Britany for all of her efforts [...]

The 12 Days of Stewpot – Tamika

Tamika and her ten year old son, Deonte’, were referred to Flower’s Shelter from an emergency shelter in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Tamika left Virginia fleeing an abusive relationship. While completing her intake we learned she is a United States Army Veteran. We referred her to the Veterans Administration where she underwent a series of tests to determine her strengths. Tamika was determined to be successful and do whatever she needed to do for her and her son to get back on their feet. Flower’s Shelter provided a safe and healthy environment for Tamika and Deonte’.

Tamika is one of many individuals who suffer from mental health issues after leaving the military. After the VA’s assessment, Tamika was diagnosed with anger issues. The VA set up anger management sessions to teach her how to control her anger, as well as, positive ways to communicate her feelings. Tamika worked hard to make sure she and her son had all of the benefits they needed to become self-sufficient again. She went to the Department of Human Services to apply for health benefits and food stamps. She also went to pupil placement at the Jackson Public School office to get Deonte’ enrolled for the upcoming school year.

Flower’s Shelter assisted Tamika with making a plan of action for working towards her immediate goals of transitioning to a new state. Tamika also agreed to follow the guidance provided to her from the staff. Clearly she was ready for change.

Tamika is not like most clients who have suffered domestic violence. She knew there was a better life out there for and her son. Her drive and positive thinking helped her to accomplish the goals she set once she arrived at Flower’s Shelter. [...]

The 12 Days of Stewpot – Daryl

I am Daryl and I have an alcohol and drug program. I can’t believe I just admitted that aloud but I am thankful to God that I am alive to say those words. Another sentence that I am thankful to say is; I am a success story.

I arrived at Billy Brumfield with just the clothes on my back and a bad alcohol and drug addiction. While at the shelter I was accepted by the staff as well as the programmers. I have nothing but positive things to say about my stay here at the shelter. The Billy Brumfield Shelter has really been a light at the end of the tunnel for me. I suffer from depression and anxiety disorder. I’ve had stability in my life since being here. I used to sleep in cars and was very underweight. Now, I have a bed nightly and have gained weight because I am able to have a meal three times a day. The food we receive is very nutritious and I am so thankful to be at this shelter, so I can get my life back together.

I am so grateful to the people at Brumfield who have encouraged my sobriety and have helped me along this phase in my life. I am proud to report that I am sober six weeks, all because of the program here at Brumfield. The structure, discipline, and guidance I have received here has given me a new outlook on the importance of life. This program has enabled me to have a better relationship with my family and some of my friends. I have also witnessed blessing after blessing in, not only my life, but the lives of other who stay here. I would like to say that I am [...]

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The 12 Days of Stewpot – Vivian

By Stewpot Staff
Matt’s House is ecstatic about the success of one of our former clients, Vivian. At the age of 68, Vivian came to Mississippi from Missouri after losing her husband and family in a fatal accident, and then losing her home to fire. Upon arriving Mississippi, she found herself sleeping on the steps of Stewpot. A staff person noticed her sleeping there and called Matt’s House to get her placed. When she got to Matts House, Vivian immediately showed gratitude, and sincere thankfulness. Despite the loss of family, or health issues, she never stopped trying. She always had a smile on her face and showed determination in getting her own place.

Eventually, Vivian had to travel back by bus to Missouri to get her identification and other documents essential to obtaining the things that she would soon need to relocate to Mississippi. Vivian held onto her hopes in starting her new life. With the assistance and help of staff, in less than two months, she had acquired stable housing, furniture and all the linens she needed!

Today, Vivian is still a part of the Stewpot family. She’s one of those smiling faces who often appear with hopes of helping someone else. She is happy and doing well in her new home. We’re very proud of her and pray that she stays in touch and continues to strive for success!!

Great job and congratulations, Vivian!!!!
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