Kitchen Manager

Stewpot is seeking a full-time Kitchen Manager to join our team. The Kitchen Manager reports to the Food Service Director and is supported by several staff who work under the direction of the Kitchen Manager. It falls to the Kitchen Manager to train, direct, and monitor the staff to accomplish those duties that can be safely delegated and controlled.


  • All Food Service Personnel must be qualified according to the local health department guidelines. Must maintain Food Safety certification to an appropriate level.


  • Menu Planning: Works in accordance with menu planning requirements established by the Food Service Director. Ensures staff is in place to execute menu planning consistent with stated guidelines. Plans menus to optimize acquisition and minimize waste.

  • Kitchen Safety: Designs and implements safe practices covering all aspects of the kitchen, including, but not limited to knives, cooking, cleansing, dishwashing, cleaning, etc. Ensures that practices are consistent with STEWPOT KITCHENS guidelines and best practices. Trains all appropriate staff in compliance with established food safety practices.

  • Safe Work Environment: Ensures that the work environment is OSHA compliant. Reports violations to management. Ensures that all forms of harassment, including bullying, are not tolerated. Assures compliance with all STEWPOT KITCHENS policies relative to this.

  • Ensures that all slicers, scales, refrigeration, and cooking equipment are operating correctly and at proper temperature.