Monitoring and Rating of Applying Agencies

Agencies wishing to apply for funding in the 2016 Continuum of Care NOFA may do so by submitting a letter of intent by July 29, 2016. Once submitted, agencies may apply for funding by submitting an Exhibit 2 application in e-snaps at Exhibit 2’s must be submitted by Aug 14, 2016.

Agencies requesting funding must also complete a monitoring process conducted by the COC’s Monitoring Committee. Funded agencies that submitted letters of intent will be contacted by this committee to set up a time for monitoring. A copy of the monitoring tool will be emailed to your agency. A copy can also be requested by emailing the Collaborative Applicant at  Monitoring of the projects must be complete by August 24, 2016. The Rating and Ranking Committee will use both the monitoring committee’s findings and the rating criteria to determine the order of priority for applying agencies.  A copy of the rating criteria will be emailed to each applying agency. A copy can also be requested by emailing Agencies will receive a letter notifying them of their ranking priority and inclusion of their project in the 2016 collaborative application by August 30, 2016. A priority list of ranked projects will be available at