Stewpot Community Services needs your help to keep Matt’s Emergency Shelter for Women and Children and Brumfield Emergency Shelter for Men open in 2015. These 2 shelters serve 70-80 homeless people each day and we want to help keep them off the street. We have requested the Jackson City Council and the Hinds County Board of Supervisors, each, contract with Stewpot for $100,000 to replace lost Federal and United Way grant funds to keep these shelters open. What can you do? Below is a list of the Councilman and Supervisors and their contact information who decides whether this contract will be granted. Please call or e-mail them to tell them you want to keep these shelters open. 

Hinds County Supervisors

District 1 Darrel McQuirter 601-973-5552
District 2 Robert Graham 601-714-6219
District 3 Peggy Hobson-Calhoun, 601-968-6768
District 4 Tony Greer 601-857-2622
District 5 Kenneth Stokes 601-714-6218 601-973-5525

Jackson City Council

Ward 1 Quentin Whitwell 601-960-2051
Ward 2 Melvin Priester, Jr. 601-960-1091
Ward 3 Larita Cooper-Stokes 601-960-1090
Ward 4 Dekeither Stamps 601-960-2052
Ward 5 Charles Tillman 601-960-1092
Ward 6 Tyrone Hendrix 601-960-1092
Ward 7 Margaret Barrett-Simone 601960-1063