Virginia’s Playhouse

Named for Virginia McKinney, one of this programs most vivacious members, Virginia’s Playhouse offers a variety of enriching morning activities for the elderly and mentally disabled. It offers them the chance to feel connected to their community and gives them a purpose and a place to feel needed. The participants engage in art therapy, creative writing classes, bingo games and field trips. They also stock and operate the Clothing Closet. Residents of personal care homes participate in this program each Tuesday, when they are driven to Stewpot by staff members and volunteers. At Stewpot, they have the opportunity to play games and fellowship, to attend chapel and to enjoy lunch with everyone.


  • Help with art or poetry classes or with Bingo on Thursdays
  • Coordinate or help with field trips to museums and movies
  • Be a literacy or computer tutor

Contact: Tara Lindsey (601) 353-2759