The Board of Directors of Stewpot voted today to extend the closing date of its Matt’s Emergency Shelter for Women and Children and the Brumfield Emergency Shelter for Men until January 7th 2015. According to Rev. Frank Spencer, Executive Director for Stewpot, the extension was made possible by a $17,000 donation from a group of business men who wished to remain anonymous and the effort by Mack Epps of Mississippi Move and the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity this past weekend who slept in Poindexter Park to raise awareness of the homeless issue and also to raise additional funds to support the shelters. Epps led members of these groups who slept outside this past weekend in weather that plummeted to the upper 20s to dramatize the plight of the homeless.

Rev. Spencer also commented on the City Council meeting that was held last night and the discussion which occurred concerning Stewpot. He stated that he was very satisfied by the comments made at the meeting and was very encouraged with the efforts of the city to insure the continued survival of the shelters. The 2 shelters that were slated for closing house approximately 65-80 women, children, and men each night.

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