We offer our sincerest thanks to the anonymous couple who donated $100,000 to Stewpot Community Services. The funds are specifically designated for Matt’s House Shelter for Women & Children. This donation will keep the emergency shelter open for another year.

“The Stewpot family is very thankful for this support and indeed the entire metro area should be grateful for insuring the continued operation of the city’s only emergency shelter for women and children,” Stewpot Executive Director Frank Spencer said.

After a $170,000 funding loss from federal grants and The United Way, Stewpot faced the closure of Matt’s House and the Billy Brumfield emergency shelter for men. The closing date of the shelters, was postponed by the Stewpot Board of Directors until January 7th, 2015.

According Spencer, the extension was made possible by a $17,000 donation from a group of business men who wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you, also, to Century Club Charities for presenting a $55,342 check to Stewpot. The donations were collected at the worship service during the recent Sanderson Farms Championship.

In addition to the $100,000 for Matt’s House, we appreciate all the donations to help keep Stewpot going as we work to pay our loans and bills, so we can continue to serve our community through our ministries.