Youth Enrichment Program

Teens work hard on their studies, not only being motivated by staff, but motivating each other.

Activities begin at Stewpot Community Center when the voices of our teens fill the halls with their creed…

“I’m a leader not a follower. I give respect to all. I’m greatness in the making.” 

The Stewpot Youth Enrichment Program, free of charge, serves approximately 40+ teenagers ranging from ages 11 to 18 for which Stewpot staff provide transportation to and from the program.

As with the Neighborhood Children’s Program, it is a place teens can be themselves and be loved. Throughout the year, teens are in a safe, loving environment in an after school program and summer camp.

First we believe students have to be educated.

First we believe students must be educated.

Our main goal is to increase the graduation rate. Our theme is Educate – Motivate – Graduate. We work with students individually, getting them motivated to go forward.  We work extensively with our families and encourage our students to continue their education.

Our Stewpot teens sign a code of conduct and participate in monthly volunteer activities. Middle school students do 50 service hours per year and high school students are required to do 100 service hours per year. Some teens earn the position as camp counselors for younger Stewpot kids. A positive self-image is reinforced while teaching life skills and promoting positive social behavior.

To date, over 100 Stewpot kids have graduated from high school or earned their GED. Over 30 are currently attending or have graduated from college. We see a bright future for our teens!

The Requirements

  • Teens must live in the general area surrounding our 1100 West Capitol St location and attend one of the local schools.
  • Priority is given to teens currently living in our shelters and those who have attended our program previously.
  • Enrollment for the after school program begins in July.

Current Needs: 

Paper, pens, pencils, book bags, poster boards, glue,  and color paper, kitchen pots and pans, tables, large dry erase boards, projector screen, and book shelves.

Teens catch up on current events in the Community Center library.

Contact: Yolanda Kirkland at 601-353-2759.