Faith Meeting Needs in Our Community

The 12 Days of Stewpot – Daryl

I am Daryl and I have an alcohol and drug program. I can’t believe I just admitted that aloud but I am thankful to God that I am alive to say those words. Another sentence that [...]

Stewpot Benefits though Kroger Community Rewards

Do you know YOU NEED TO SIGN UP FOR THE KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM EACH YEAR? Thanks to the Kroger Community Rewards program, Kroger donates a percentage of your purchase to us if you choose Stewpot [...]

The 12 Days of Stewpot – Vivian

By Stewpot Staff
Matt’s House is ecstatic about the success of one of our former clients, Vivian. At the age of 68, Vivian came to Mississippi from Missouri after losing her husband and family in a [...]