Faith Meeting Needs in Our Community

MS News Now Report on Donations to Stewpot

Stephanie Belle-Flynt of Ms News Now (WLBT/WDBD) talks with Stewpot Director Rev. Frank Spencer about recent donations and the future of Stewpot shelters. Click the MS News Now link below, Anonymous donors insure future of [...]

Stewpot Thanks Donors!

We offer our sincerest thanks to the anonymous couple who donated $100,000 to Stewpot Community Services. The funds are specifically designated for Matt’s House Shelter for Women & Children. This donation will keep the emergency [...]

For Immediate Release

Matt’s House is Beneficiary of $100,000 gift

Chairman Charles Parrot of the Stewpot Community Services Board announced today that a retired couple who wished to remain anonymous had contributed $100,000 to keep the Matt’s House Emergency Shelter for [...]