Meals on Wheels

Each weekday, volunteers make and deliver plate lunches to more than 50 elderly, ill, and disabled people who cannot make it to lunch at Stewpot. For some recipients, these visits provide not only their only hot meal of the day, but often their only human contact of the day. This program was started in early 2000 by two community members who knew there were needy people in the surrounding neighborhood who were physically unable to come to Stewpot for the noon meal.

meals on wheels


Stewpot’s Meals on Wheels Program is limited to the area immediately surrounding our 1100 West Capitol St location. Please contact our office at 601-353-2759 for more information.

Volunteers work in teams to deliver the meals to members of the community. If you are interested in participating in this ministry of love…

Contact: Tara Lindsey at or (601)353-2759