Sharing Our Gifts with the Community

Stewpot Community Services strives to share its gifts and talents with those in need. Please consider the following services for assistance:

Billy Brumfield

The Billy Brumfield Shelter, a shelter for up to 60 men a night, provides 3 services: shelter, food and support.Learn More

Bratton Street

15 homes have been renovated by both Stewpot and Habitat for Humanity and 3 more are in progress.Learn More


Stewpot hosts inter-faith worship services six days a week immediately preceding lunch.Learn More

Children's Program

The Neighborhood Children’s Program provides an atmosphere of love and second chances for all the children who pass through our doors. Learn More

Clothing Closet

Stocked with quality clothing donated by generous individuals, the clothing closet provides free clothing.Learn More

Community Clinics

Three clinics make up our service: the Legal Clinic, St Dominic’s Health Clinic and the Counseling Clinic.Learn More

Community Kitchen

This is the very heart of Stewpot is the noon meal search by staff and volunteers 365 days a year. Learn More

Computer Lab

At our Computer Lab we offer free job training, GED and Internet classes.Learn More

Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is a mini-grocery store that provides a four-day supply of food to carefully screened applicants.Learn More

Meals on Wheels

Each weekday, volunteers make and deliver plate lunches to more than 50 elderly, ill, and disabled people who cannot make it out.Learn More

Opportunity Center

As the only day shelter in the city, Opportunity Center provides a safe, clean place for homeless men and women to be during the daytime hours. Learn More

Virginia's Playhouse

Virginia’s Playhouse offers a variety of morning activities for the elderly and mentally disabled. Learn More

Women's Services

Three services make up this area: Sim’s House, Matt’s House and Flowers HouseLearn More