“Research has shown that people who volunteer often live longer.” -Allen Klein

volunteer-click-here-toStewpot has a dual mission to help those in need and also to provide opportunities for those who can to give back to their community. A majority of the work that gets done in our various ministries is actually performed by thousands of volunteers each year. To follow is a list of Stewpot’s volunteer opportunities.

volunteer_iconCommunity Kitchen

Give the Community Kitchen a deep cleaning.

volunteer_iconMeals on Wheels

Several drivers (with cars) are needed to drive routes once a week. Each route takes approximately 45 minutes.

volunteer_iconFood Pantry

  • Bag groceries for families
  • Group to organize food storage
  • Pick up much-needed donations
  • Organize food drive in your neighborhood, organization, church, school

volunteer_iconMatt’s House Emergency Shelter for Women and Children

  • Provide child care while women are in group meeting or G.E.D. classes
  • Arts and Crafts Class
  • Donate tickets for cultural activities (i.e. New Stage, Museum, Symphony)
  • Host barbecue for 20-25 with kid’s games and activities
  • Help mothers with transportation to far places
  • House Assist staff on weekends
  • House Outing for the children
  • Women’s Night Out
  • Provide dinner
  • House Group meeting: Stress management, relaxation exercises, Alcoholics Anonymous, self esteem, educational talks
  • Landscape and maintain yards and play areas
  • Tutor for kids during school year

volunteer_iconBilly Brumfield House

  • Light breakfast for 45 men
  • Evening meal for 45 to 50 men
  • Housesit at shelter while residents go to Alcoholic Anonymous meeting
  • Virginia’s Playhouse
  • Help with Poetry Class
  • Help with Bingo and/or bring snacks and prizes
  • Coordinate and help with field trips (i.e. Museums, Theater, Movies)
  • Literacy tutors
  • Computer tutors

volunteer_iconClothing Closet

  • Coordinate teamwork exercises
  • Help sort, size, and hang up clothes
  • Groups to organize and rearrange

volunteer_iconComputer Lab

  • Tutor: Work with someone one-on-one. Teach them simple computer skills, how to navigate the Internet and how to use basic programs.
  • Teach someone how to write a resume or complete a job application online.

volunteer_iconChildren’s Program

  • Read books to our children once a week in the afternoons after school
  • Teach dance, art, or theater to a group of children
  • Donate tickets (or money) for a special event (movies, sports, museums, etc.)
  • Escort children on a field trip (movies, skating, museums, etc.) during Summer Camp
  • Help the children with their homework once a week. This requires about an hour in the afternoon after school
  • Help throw a holiday party (Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day)

volunteer_iconTeen’s Program

  • Invite a teen to shadow you at your job
  • Help the teens with their homework. This requires about an hour in the afternoon after school
  • Teach a teen to play tennis or golf.
  • Work with the older teenagers to fill out applications/write resumes.
  • Donate tickets for special events (ballet, sports games, museums, etc.)

volunteer_iconOpportunity Center

Currently in need of:

  • Blankets for winter
  • Tennis/running shoes
  • Toiletries (razors, toothbrushes, deoderant and socks especially)
  • Snack items: hot dogs, popcorn or oil for the popcorn machine
  • Sweet stuff-cookies, cereal bars, fruit
  • Groups to help paint & help with the spring garden
  • People to help volunteer with reading skills and literacy